Hot or Not : Tattooed Gals


Timeless, classic, simple . . . and smooth/clean/glowing skin, a-la-Carolyn Bessette (RIP!)


Matching your body ink to your cake, or vice versa . . . get thee some DermaBlend, friend!


  1. kk1107

    for some reason i cannot stop staring at this. i have to come back to it at least once a day. is she resting her foot on an ice block? what IS that on top of her cake? looks like an invitation to a luau. and most importantly, i want to see the rest of the wedding decor. three words…denim and diamonds. thanks for this!

  2. kelfox

    I have similar issues “kk1107”! My immediate thoughts….what in the hell is with the glass blocks???…and PLEASE tell me that is not how she walked down the aisle!!!