Hot Or Not : Place Card Holders

pretty place card holders

There’s nothing I love more than tracking down clever + updated ways of displaying escort cards, place cards, and table numbers at our weddings. All four of these bad boys cut the mustard with regards to high style.

Clockwise from top left: white ceramic flower place card holders/white ceramic envelope place card holders/intaglio place card holders/vintage brass swan place card holders

what's not hot in place card holders

Clockwise from top left: Someone got a leetle crazy with a glue gun + copious glitter. Next up, enough with the corks but lace-wrapped corks? Streeeetching it. Next we have the silk flower festooned on crocheted lace hog-tied around a teensy wood stump; I just dry heaved in my vintage tea cup from a flea market in Rustic City. Lastly, the timeless Moulin Rouge combo of black and red, somehow crafted to stand alone in proud rigid ribbon glory. Next time, a simple tent card will suffice, my friends.



  1. Erika {Delphine}

    THANK YOU! Seriously, thank you for this. My pet peeve is those stupid cork place card holders. There should be a quiz like this … required before ordering place cards. XO forever.

  2. Calder Clark

    Erika, so glad you agree! I always mean these posts to be silly + lighthearted, but also- let’s see some folks flex their create muscles, riyeet? cheers! xo

  3. Liesel

    I need to know: where is Rustic City? ‘Cause I’m feeling nauseated at the sight of “le moulin ribbon” (rhymes if you say it in Pepe LePew accent!) & may need to stock up on vintage china “barf cups!” 😉