No seriously, you’re allowed to butcher it. That aspirate H nails everyone. Had I not lived perilously close to the flagship on Rue de Faubourg Saint-Honoré, I’d probably not attempt it myself. It was there on a sweet Spring day in gaie Paree that I had my mini Audrey Hepburn moment . . . via a homesick payphone call (ha!), Mom had approved my picking up my first legendary silk scarf. I managed to select one that was black and gold and not-so-faintly astrological- a decade later, total buyer’s remorse. What???

But Hermès (“Air-Mezz”) just launched its wallpaper line, and I feel quite sure there isn’t a single selection I’d ever regret. Die a little!

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  1. CRKelly

    I remember that scarf purchase! Loving the blog, Calder. And congrats on the feature in Southern Living!