In the Spotlight : Della MacNicholas

We looove featuring ambitious, inspiring locals in our Spotlight feature and Madame Della is truly no exception. Loving mom, neonatal nurse, fabulous blogger, and- drumroll, app developer! Read below for more.

A few quick sentences about you, your business, your inherent you-ness?

DM: The Wedding Row has been such a blessing personally and professionally. Professionally, I have the pleasure of working with the most innovative and creative talents in the Charleston wedding world.  I am constantly inspired to do more, to be better. Personally, I am amazed for the growth of the site and the brand. The Wedding Row is such a personal endeavor to me. I love the sense of community that has developed within the TWR family. At times it seems surreal. I am truly grateful to have created something that means so much to our readers and that positively impacts the industry in Charleston…and now Charlotte, NC as well.

{Tim Will}

Before being a blog goddess, (bloggess?), what did you do? Or if you don’t blog full-time, what other hats do you wear?

DM: I have a lot of hats! My most important one is being a mommy. My little guy and husband come first always. The Wedding Row Brand is like a second baby and it gets lots of attention in our house. My husband also owns part of a winery in the Russian River Valley called Perception Wines, so I get recruited for that too sometimes.

{Gayle Brooker Photography}

Your imagery and content are so fresh; that must be one of the biggest challenges in your line of work. What’s one of your go-to sources for great photos (outside of submissions) and how do you stay ahead?

DM: Staying current is crucial and I am very lucky that there is so much wedding loveliness in and around Charleston, SC to blog about. My go-to source for photos is our Love of Blogs page. It is a one-stop-shop for many of the local photographers’ and event planners’ blogs. Social media is a huge resource as well…and, I will freely admit that I spend too much time on Pinterest, I am totally addicted!

{Leigh Webber}

What’s one of your favorite blogs, or what interesting blog is in your RSS feed?

DM: Wow, that is so tough. I love yours of course! If I had to pin down just one, I would say Elizabeth Messina’s Kiss the Groom. I love the artfulness of her images and how her blog is a great balance and representation of her her personal and professional passions.

{Karyn Iserman}

What percentage of the time do you work in pjs?

DM: This is so embarrassing but 95%! But truth be told, I often blog at 4am so pj’s are the best attire at that hour. Why 4am? My house is perfectly quiet, everyone is asleep, and I can be finished by breakfast so that I can focus on getting my son ready for school and prepare for any upcoming meetings that day.

What’s inspiring you right now . . .

DM: What’s next…Exclusives just for CCD!

We are so excited about our upcoming projects at TWR. We have officially loaded the Wedding Row App to the Apple iTunes store and hope that it will be released in the beginning of May. It will be a tool for brides and grooms. My favorite part of the app is that any image that you take or save from various websites and wedding blogs can be categorized with ease, used to make an inspiration board, and then shared with friends or wedding vendors. It is truly “on the go” inspiration at your fingertips. It will also create a random virtual wedding based on the saved images in each category. After the app comes, our E-glossy is next and we CANNOT wait! The E-glossy will have its own identity; we have named it Smitten. It will be a quarterly lookbook filled with real weddings and lots of other wedding eye candy. And lastly on the docket, fingers crossed, we are finalizing the details to launch our next Wedding Row in Kentucky.

{Marni Pictures}

What one wedding design element or fashion du jour needs to be banished to its grave?


What’s the most rewarding thing about your business?

The hands-down best part of my business is the feedback that I get from my clients and readers. I view as it as a real gift to have created something that positively impacts my readers, my clients and their businesses. I am grateful that I can run my business they way that I see fit. And I strive everyday to conduct my business in a way that continues to be meaningful to my clients while providing a product that our readership loves.

What’s one (fun/weird/crazy) thing we wouldn’t know about you?

Ummmm…where to start?
Personally, I am the pickiest eater. It is ridiculous, I only like a handful of vegetables, I have to force myself to eat salad…it drives my husband mad!
As a mommy, I can build a rocking train track. I am not talking a simple figure eight train track, I mean a humdinger that takes up the whole floor in the playroom.
As a blogger, most do not know that I still practice as a registered nurse. I graduated from Medical University of South Carolina and work each week in the Neonatal Intensive Care as well as being part of ECMO team. The ECMO team provides heart and lung bypass for infants, children and adults.

Hollywood calls and they’re going to make a movie of your life. What’s your opening musical     score (or the top hit on the soundtrack?) …. and who plays you?

Yikes Calder, that is so hard for me…the TV is barely on in our house. The top hit on the soundtrack would have to be Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes because that is my son’s favorite breakfast and weekend staple in our house for family time. The actress would be Katherine Heigl, she always make me laugh in her films and it is the best chance for me to ever be seen as tall!


  1. Debra Alley

    Della – This is fantastic! Congratulations.

  2. charlotte

    love this post featuring della! she is such a wonderful part of the wedding industry in charleston! can’t wait to see the e-glossy! and sample wine from the russian river valley!!!