In the Spotlight : Snippet + Ink

I am just one lone girl among the masses who follow Kathryn Grady of Snippet & Ink, one of the most fantastic blogs around. Her inspiration boards are unparalleled, as is her sense of style and the simple ease she conveys in her writing. So chalk this up to a red letter day for moi, that I get to share some insider scoop on the lovely newlywed herself- it’s such an honor, and I hope y’all enjoy!

Calder: A few quick thoughts about you, your business, your inherent you-ness:
I love beauty and I love love, so Snippet & Ink is really the perfect job for me. I credit my appreciation for detail and design to my mother and her creative friends, who taught me that you can have beauty in your life every day.

Calder: Before being a blog goddess, (bloggess?), what did you do?
Before starting Snippet & Ink, I was a kindergarten teacher through Teach for America in the Mississippi Delta. Which is where I met my handsome husband!

Calder: Your imagery and content are so fresh; that must be one of the biggest challenges in your line of work. How do you stay ahead?
I try not to pay too much attention to “what’s hot” – following the trend is a good way to stay behind. Instead I try to cultivate a timeless sensibility (there’s a reason Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn will never be out of style), and make it new by adding something unexpected – maybe with a color choice, or a contrasting texture or style of some kind.

Calder: What’s one of your favorite blogs, or what interesting blog is in your RSS feed?
Smitten Kitchen is one of my very favorite blogs. Deb is hilarious and always shares the most delicious looking recipes. I also love The Neo-Traditionalist, because Katie seems to share my love of classic-style-made-new.

Calder: What percentage of the time do you work in pjs?
Too much of the time! But I just started sharing an office with some other bloggers, so there will be less jammie work time on my couch now that I have to go somewhere to work.

Calder: Top five favorite images from your 2010 posts . . . ie what could your readers not get enough of?
Some of the things that got the most feedback this year were:
Quinn’s whimsical butterfly dress.

{image by Susan Dean; click here for full post}
Kate and Jesse’s wedding, especially the outdoor movie screening.

{image by Amy and Stuart; click here for full post}

Ariella Chezar’s romantic pink and black bouquet.

{image by Meg Smith; click here for full post}
The ruffly Melissa Sweet dress in “Board #466: Have your cake…”

{image by Tanja Lippert; click here for full post.}

It’s not a single image, but Neda and Sati’s wedding film was a huge hit, and by far one of my favorite things of the year.

Neda + Sati “A Marriage of Two Cultures” from Cherish Films on Vimeo.

Calder: What one wedding design element or fashion du jour needs to be banished to its grave?
KS: If I see another “Anthropologie-inspired” wedding, I might go bananas. And I wouldn’t mind a break from succulents everywhere.

Calder: What’s one (fun/weird/crazy) thing we wouldn’t know about you?
KS: Hmmm… you might not know that I swathed and baled hay on my cousins’ ranch one summer.

Calder: Hollywood calls and they’re going to make a movie of your life. What’s your opening musical score (or the top hit on the soundtrack?) …. and who plays you?
Not sure where it would go on the soundtrack, but I’d love to a favorite song in there, maybe Aretha Franklin’s version of “The Weight” or “Imagine That” by Patsy Cline. And I’d want some darling as-yet- unknown actress to play me in her breakthrough role.