Ingo + Angst

Just back from NYC and stee-ruggling to get it together. I definitely “need a wife”. I don’t have a stitch of clean clothing, the house is a wreck (though my sweet hubs tried), both wee ones are sick (natch) and the weekend looks to be Laundryfest 2012 (insert bottle or two of wine).

Even still, my head is about to burst with inspiration. I probably took 50 pix alone of the tile, trim, wall paint, sconces, and hardware in our new fave boutique hotel- the NoMad. We found a slew of new sources for our clients at IGF, saw old friends + made new, and definitely packed on at least a fiver via ABC Kitchen and Locanda Verde. There was definitely a Pinkberry nutellafest in Nolita, and I wish y’all could have seen the collision between a biking courier (easily going 45 mph) + our Broadway-dancer-moonlighting-as-a-bellman friend. But I digress.

Cranky from cancelled flights, I threw $$ at the Gogoinflight nonsense just so I could download the rehabbed Pinterest iPad app and stumbled across this Ingo Maurer piece via Coco+Kelley. Dear Ingo, can you drag a few of these to one of our Fall affairs and install over our dance floor? Thanks bunches. xo, CCD.

This 12′ monster was his latest reveal at the April Milan Furniture Fair . . . basically a “hanging mass of emerald-green sponges which seemed to glow from within and was teeming with approximately 100 exquisite, hand-painted models of butterflies, dragonflies, lizards and other creatures.” Even cooler, it’s titled “Biotype” and was commissioned by some ridonk Munich couple who plan to hang it in their 19th century apartment very soon. What, you don’t have one of these in your domed octagonal library within the confines of your palatial estate? (wink.)

Happy weekend, peeps!