Late Night Bites

There’s nothing better than a mid-dance nosh or late night nibble when you’ve been talking + tucking away the vino for hours on end. Expert tip: keep ’em tiny (one bite only!), piping hot or perfectly chilled, and simple. A riff on a retro dessert or childhood favorite is perfectly kosher, but make sure it’s immediately recognizable and not too messy . . . that’s the art of the snag + snack! Some of our past bites are below (the elvis, hot pops, + donut lollies) and are still on heavy rotation for 2015!

late night bites 1 late night bites 2 late night bites 3 late night bites 4

the elvis | hot pops | pops-to-go | spiked cocoa | nutella donut holes | donut lollies