Latest Paper Craving

We’re deploying our latest paper craving at a few weddings this Fall with paper-wrapped books. We’re DIY-ing it, but there are so many amazing places online to shop that it gives me pause to all our wrapping- hmmm.

Here are some pictures that inspired us- it’s so fun to take ideas from interiors to events. Just wait till you see what we have in store!

How lovely and beautiful are these where the art translates from spine to spine?

The simplicity of kraft paper vs. white butcherblock vs. shades from dove to slate is not lost on us. Yum.

Displays like these always make me stop and re-assess my entire bookshelf display at home and in-studio. So powerful! Monochromatic anything . . . all the above are from Juniper Books.

I thought these were totally charming, too- at Say It With Book Covers, you can personalize the spines with bits of quotes. Just don’t pull a book out to read it- how annoying. (hee hee)