Little Attendants : The Ringbearers

Boys are sooo hard to dress- trust, I have one. If you are Southern and traditional, or if you aren’t but want that look for the little ones in your wedding, it’s hard to navigate through the sea of black and red sateen. Never fear, I’ve done so below!


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Boys from 2 to 6 should be in an Eton suit (which is really a little jacket, a special collared shirt, and shorts) or a button-on (see above). Think about JFK Jr’s “john-john”, but dressed up a notch. You want to see their cute fat legs, not hide them. In warmer months, linen or cotton lawn is great. In winter months, a gorgeous flannel, velvet, or silk would be fine. But truly, the classic white or off-white cotton is going to be your best bet for material. Yes- boys can and should be in lace, too! A little lace edging to a gorgeous collar is old school and super Southern.

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See their sweet little sailor-style shirts with covered buttons? Totally apropos, as are their long shorts. You always add white knee socks, and white leather oxford lace-ups with a wood and leather sole.

See the knickers-style leg? And the champagne embroidered monogram is a cute touch.

The straight sleeve and plaiting are clean and crisp and I love this little short, too . . . though an actual working button-on is a little better in reality. (You can tell this one is a button “just for looks”.)

This is a little Eton suit- as classic as they come and easy to source.

Where to shop:

Old-Fashioned Baby

The Children’s Cottage

Best Dressed Child


The white knee socks can be found almost anywhere, but the shoes are still tough. Best is to find ones with a leather and wood sole, a simple lace up, and a little a saddle style. . . . hence an “oxford” shoe.

Where to shop:

Best Dressed Child

Stride Rite


Still more to come . . .




  1. Cameron

    Love the look of an Eton suit. We will be having three ring bearers – ages 4,7, and 8 – is this still an appropriate look for the 7 and 8 year old, or is something else preferred? Thank you!

    • Calder Clark Designs

      Aha- great question. Eight is the turning point . . . they’re begging for jeans, you’re clinging to khakis and Peter Pan collars. I think if they’re super leggy, extra tall, or feisty about what they wear, this may be where you call the ball and opt for a smart little khaki or seersucker pant (depending on the time of year) and a little blazer. But if they’re normal height and still have a baby face and won’t be too fussy, you can definitely do a much longer short and a crisp shirt- like the Eton suit (as opposed to a button-on; too old for that).

  2. Allie

    What are the rules on the color Eton suit a ring bearer wears for a winter wedding? Our wedding is in November and I am unsure if they should wear the traditional white/ivory or a velvet option. I have scoured Google and cannot find anything on guidelines. Thank you!!

  3. Christian Earp

    How about shoes for an October outside Wedding in Eastern North Carolina. Is white still ok for my four year old ring bearer. thanks so much. Christian