Longing for Lonesome

The hubs and I snuck away last weekend for a snowy weekend à deux under the auspices of work but with every intention of catching up on zzzzs and eating our little hearts out. I visited with the gang at OEI and toured a few stunning venues recently bought or with which they’ve partnered- great things to come from that group. Phenomenal eats at Madison’s included a velvety velouté and copious amounts of Patz & Hall, a Britt clan fave. After a night in the Highlands, we struck out for Cashiers to visit with my old (but young) gal pal Sarah Jennings from my DC days, whose own hubs and family own Lonesome Valley. No website ever does a raw mountain-y place its justice- it is breathtaking. Valley vistas, swaying spruces, and ridonk food from former BBF chef John Fleer. Fleer’s food at LV’s on-site restaurant/barn Canyon Kitchen was way up our alley- proscuitto salad, housemade pimiento, short ribs with scalloped potatoes, tobacco pretzel chocolate cake (what?!). After snuggling on wee Edward T Jennings, I had to be rolled out of there, almost. In summation: Walton will be hosting her wedding weekend between these two precious towns, for sure. Drink in the beauty of Lonesome Valley below, and ponder having your big day there.