Mail-Order Holiday Snacks

Nothing goes better with a festive cocktail than cheese straws or a good ol’ Southern cheese wafer. But here’s the deal: THEY ARE NOT EASY TO MAKE. I’ve tried to duplicate cheese straw recipes from my Grandmother’s cookbooks and the cheese wafers from the Barefoot Contessa with disastrous results.

And for that reason, I will forever leave both of them to the professionals (below).

Brides, take note. These salty, savory treats are what your guests want to tear into when they get to their rooms (and late night!).


{Salem Kitchen via Garden & Gun magazine}

{Cheddar Sage Pecan, Goat Cheese Rosemary Pecan, and Parmesan Garlic cheese wafers from The Savory Sister}

Post Script: The cheese wafers are DIVINE heated up a bit in the oven. Just sayin’.