Make Some Noiiiiiise!!

I can just hear that rallying cry from the stadium at a big SEC football game in the middle of Fall- but we had our own version on New Year’s Eve for Ashley and Douglas Hallett, whose ombré affair was showcased on The Wedding Row.

One of our favorite vintage snippets from their William Aiken House wedding were the retro noisemakers we painstakingly collected over the summer in preparation for their big send-off. I even found 1950’s gold ones stamped with Happy New Year’s . . . how nuts over details am I? The first batch was found on a whim during our first site visit to Blackberry Farm.

Aren’t they colorful and fun? And SO loud- the guests died over them and nary a one was left behind.

The rest were found on eBay, and our crusty green hutch was another great find on a second trek to Blackberry. (I know; don’t-cry-for-me-Argentina.)

Of course I saved the two gold NYE ones for Ashley and Douglas (aka Team Red).

Hope you have fun coming up with a fun farewell to your guests! We sure did.

{all images via A Bryan Photo}