Martha Stewart Spring 2011 – Wedding Toasts Done Right

A few life moments like- oh, a massive renovation, giving birth, a slew of Spring weddings!?! may have fueled my blondeness to new heights when I forgot to blog about this great article in Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2011 in which we were featured with one of our favorite friends (among other industry notables), Maria Cooke from Ritzy Bee.

It’s a great complement to our past commentary on toasts, which you can check out here. I think toasting is tough- and we are always having lengthy discussions with our clients about brevity, timing, flow, energy, and when and when not to have them!

We Southern folk are a big fan of getting them out of the way, so to speak. That’s not to say we don’t like them- it’s just- a big record scratch in the middle of a high energy Saturday night, right? So my two cents and others’ great wisdom is listed in this article- hope you enjoy.

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