Microchip cookies – great parting favor idea

Microchip cookies from JK Chocolate are not only my new addiction, but they’re our new parting favor goodie-slash-welcome bag addition as well. I first came across them in Bon Appétit, then Anayis snagged me the pillbox version (see below) as a hilarious birthday gift on an über-tough week when I really needed a cocktail valium sweet treat to survive. Let’s just say I popped all those “pills” in one afternoon- oops. Literally they take one chocolate chip, dip it in dough, and bake it- it tastes like an entire chocolate chip cookie in morsel size- tinier than a dime. I die.

Here’s our take on parting favors: guests don’t really want anything with your name + wedding date on it, do they? Please- this isn’t a golf tourney where people need something commemorative. Edibles always rule- and we’ve done it all . . . mini donuts, specialty popcorn, fabulous bottles of wine, macarons out our ears- so it’s high time a little microchip cookie made it to the tip-top of the heap. We love mixing high + low in design, so why not mix high + low in food surcees? Chocolate-y pipsqueaks for the win.

great parting favor ideasJust look at the size of him. He must be negative calories because he’s so small.

great parting favor cookie idea

Please die over the pill box dispenser concept- adorable for a sick friend or maybe a physician groom or bride?

great parting favor concepts

I hope this child has good hand-eye coordination . . . and that he’s aiming for me.

adorable parting favor edibles

You guessed it- they come in an abundance of yum flavors.