My Best Friend’s Wedding: Part II

Today’s post is all about my best friend Becky’s highly original boutonnière bar idea at her Debordieu nuptials.

Becky opted for large fabric flower boutonnières for the women attending the ceremony, and small fabric flower boutonnières for all the men attending the wedding (including the groomsmen of course).

Both versions were created by the fabulous Emerson of EmersonMade, who’s now such a big stinkin’ deal that she had to move on from frills and flowers into focusing solely on her  fabulous clothing line. We’ve loved watching her star rise, and it’s fun to read her blog posts about her darling Pedro, too.

{A Bryan Photo}



  1. Shannon

    BTW – I thought that you would like to know that Ted saved his and brings it out on special occasions! Such a gerat reminder of an amazing weekend. Smooches.