My Holiday Mantelscape

Earlier this month, I spent about 5 seconds Googling holiday mantelscapes, inserting all the keywords I could think of that would drive swoonworthy results . . .  from “Domino Mag” to “Southern Accents”, but I turned up very little. That just meant I had to roll up my sleeves, dig out some dusty vessels and dream for just a bit. It’s oh-so-easy to turn to my kray-zee heirloom milkglass collection. Nothing like a fresh swath of crisp white to doll up a mantel?

I added a $10 box’s worth of gold orns from Tar-jay, a 6′ garland of spruce pine, and a chunk of kraft-wrapped $1 books from Blue Bicycle. You like?

I already have a treasured Mary Whyte (thanks to one of my fave mothers-of-a-bride) leaning up against the wall atop our little hearth, so I let her be the jewel of the mélange:

I think my empty junque market gilded frame is super fun as a topper of sorts on a cheapie Lowe’s wreath:

I did come across one mantel I’d have in a heartbeat, as seen below . . .

{Southern Accents, I miss you}

The shiplap and burlap kill, as do the pears.

Merry merry!