Neo Moment

I was clearly having a Neoclassical moment when designing for our most recent wedding at the Ford, as featured here. Thought you’d like to see my “before” drawing, where I mocked them up filled with blooms. It was getting a little heavy-handed so we stripped out the blooms in our final design sessions and amped up the brass element; see the close-up of these brass-topped beauties. Our friends at Blossoms did SUCH a bang-up job, as always. We put little ones inside the tent topped by the perfect task lighting, too.

We’re heading back down there today to present for one of our May clients, whose feisty + fabulous style is sure to be showcased well at this gorgeous venue. Wish us well!

{a bryan photo}




  1. Jessica

    Love, love, LOVE! Still so elegant and classic without the blooms. What a great piece to have in your arsenal.

  2. mrs. V - Chez V

    gorgeous. was dying over the brass detailing in the previous post with the wedding pictures – and then I scroll further to discover that that design element was yours! of course. big fan!