New Hire for CCD?

It’s only fair . . . he had his post!

Introducing the newest member to the CCD team- here’s the blessed gal who’s keeping us up day and night.

Walton Elizabeth Clark was born on June 3, 2011 at 1:17 p.m. She’s quickly developing leg rolls and regularly sports a fluffy faux-hawk. Camp is totally enamored and asks to “hold him” and “kiss him” all day long. Pronominal confusion aside, all is well! And yes, I know- we need to start the wedding fund now, because I can’t afford myself.

Thanks to all for your outpouring of love and support (especially to Leigh for snapping these lovely images!)

{Leigh Webber Photography}



  1. Molly Blythe

    Soooooooo precious!!! Spending a little time in the mountains..heard you had been up..wish I had been here then to see you and your little cherubs:)