Pattern Play

We’re having a majorly graphic “moment” (read : year) over at CCD. I’m blown away by the reams of fabulous fabrics out there and emboldened by the use of punchy chevrons, westernized ikats, oversized houndstooths, and more in both home decor and fashion materials. It’s definitely driving our designs in totally new directions. Can’t wait for y’all to see what’s in store for our Fall brides.

On a recent day date with the hub, we played our favorite game of tourist-in-your-own-town and walked up and down the streets of downtown just soaking up the architectural detail . . . and of course I was drawn to the beauty of the metalworking and masonry of yore- it is a virtual pattern mecca. All this from a ten minute stroll to brunch?

hello little quatrefoil friend.

old brick wall- wish I knew what they call this patterning style of masonry?

These hold a special place in my heart- the gates to the back courtyard of the Dock Street Theatre, where my hubb proposed . . .

old herringbone brick: how much do i love thee? let me count the pavers.

what- your intake/outtake exhaust at home doesn’t look like ziss?

love the pseudo-Art Deco ironwork and bold brick stripes of the Saracen building . . . would be such a bad arse venue if someone would get off their duff and make it such.

Don’t look down and you’d miss it.

even our common little friend the Palmetto has cross-hatching that could inspire some serious textiles . .

ok, enough of my bad iPhone imagery! hope you find your inner graphic guru today.



  1. Jen Smith

    Ooh, loving your collection of Charleston patterns and textures! Makes me want to go for a long walk with my camera.