Polo Prep Photo Shoot- Southern Weddings Magazine V4

This summer, we had a blast designing and styling a shoot for the inside of Southern Weddings Magazine, V4. I had a two week-old baby and a sick two year-old and had never really left the office for maternity leave (because who has that in this line of work?!?) so it was a breath of fresh air to do something creative and off-the-cuff with my favorite industry peeps for just a day. Below, I’ll touch on the reality behind each of the beautiful details captured within.

We also have Becky + Cam’s preppy fab wedding spread in V4, but the lid’s on that until SW Mag blogs about it- so we’ll follow up in the next few weeks with a big reveal on that! But shhhh- you can visit our lookbook for the gallery if you want a sneak peek.

The gals at Hyde Park Farm + Polo Club were super gracious about letting us use their property (and their hot Argentinian polo player staff!) to produce the shoot.

Fun fact: Alejandro (gent above) and Nikki (model) went out on a date the evening of our shoot- so cute.

What you don’t know: wind is not your friend. That table linen is staple-gunned down to the deck!

Emilie Dulles of Dulles Designs came over to my house to squeeze on Walton and brainstorm with me about the overall look + feel of the shoot. She had a million fantastic ideas (as always), not the least of which were these darling jotters. She had one made for Caitlin and for me to keep in our cars- so chic! I also tapped Magda Pelzer from Vieuxtemps to source gorgeous tabletop- much of which came from either her private heirloom stash or her beautiful store.

Fun fact: Flat champagne looks like wine in a photo shoot. Wink.

What you don’t know: Caitlin had to spit on the polo balls and roll them around in the dirt to make them look old. Straight up H20 does not work. Oh, the things we do.

It was super hard to source green seersucker- but how sweet and fresh it turned out? I adore Allison R. Banks’s calligraphy and artwork and asked her to work with Emilie to create the stunning polo mallet logo and scripty escort cards.

Fun fact: Two-layer escort cards enable you to switch up a table number in a jiffy by swapping out a back card, instead of needing to change a card manually and ruin its beauty.

What you don’t know: We had to glue the hemstitch napkin layers to each other to keep them from flapping in the wind. The field is not the studio!

We about died over Cru Catering’s offerings for the day. Not only did Chad, Sean, and team provide a ridiculous spread for staff to enjoy (working girls gotta eat!), but the food for the shoot was out of this world. I love the strawberry “bases” to the savory cones- even if they did tip over on me 99 times. The tiny deviled quail eggs were precious and looked grand with Emilie’s custom masslinn monogrammed napkins.

Fun fact: We love a hemstitch cocktail napkin, too. Check out that embroidered lime dot scalloped number our “server” (ahem: Chad) is holding above- want some? Call us!

What you don’t know: the red ants were vicious and they particularly loved me. I ended up wearing men’s black ankle socks + flops + a cotton dress- a hot look.

We’ll share more of the behind-the-scenes reality in upcoming posts, including an expert “styling dos” list to help you if you get involved in a project like this. Stay tuned!

{all imagery: A Bryan Photo}

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  1. charlotte

    amazing calds!!! you are one talented woman to be able balance it all and create something this spectacular! congrats!!! xo!

  2. Liene Stevens

    Plan mine, too. Also, the “what you don’t know” needs to be a regular segment, por favor. I love, love it and your wit and obviously, you.

  3. jeni

    loveth. just died over the green seersucker and all the “stapling” going on… xo