Recipe for Porch Sittin’

{Charleston Bed Swing, Vintage Gliders, Anthropologie hammock}

A sacred Southern pasttime . . . the art of porch-sitting is one I hope to refine this summer. Aggressive goal-setting, check! These great pieces would also make the perfect addition to any event where you have big old live oaks; their bulky limbs are just itching for shade duty.

The perfect recipe? One of the above, a pitcher of sweet tea, and a fella like this one to curl up with . . . that’s how I’ll spend my Mother’s Day this weekend as I recoup from our big Kiawah wedding on Saturday.








  1. Tricia Rose

    I had a hammock in London, but don’t have one here in California – that makes no sense!
    I had a swing seat but it blew clean off the deck…

    • Calder Clark Designs

      well pick yerself up one, gal! 🙂

  2. Margo Metz

    Calder, he looks so much like your dad to me!