Positively Bath-ed

Thanks a lot, Liz. All we need in this studio is another sparkly addiction, comme ça. Any boutique spelling jewelry “jewellery” must have some chic baubles indeed. Thank goodness for eBay? We’re enamored with the different 70s + 80s costume jewelry spotted at Alexandra May, in Bath. V. Rachel Zoe-ish. Wish we were positively bathed in these little numbers (ha)! Great wedding day gift ideas?



  1. liz

    Clearly I’m behind on my blog readin’/ sorry for sharing/ I’m not sorry at all. My first pair of Askew London babies just landed in Amurrrrica and all I gotta say is: 100% worth it. Can’t wait to mix n match with ‘She Blames Me’ pieces later this year. (wink)