Stackable baubles – diamond wedding rings

I’m a lifelong stacker of diamond bands, or any ring for that matter. The more the merrier- if only there were finger stretchers, I’d subject myself. Channel set diamonds, prong-set diamonds, bezel-set gems, diamond-sapphire-diamond, emeralds sprinkled within, micro-pavé, milgrain, braided, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum – the options are endless. Top tips from a Croghan’s regular (moi) and stalker of Harry Winston, Graff, Buccellati, Cartier, Neil Lane, Single Stone, Kwiat, and the like:

1. Do not buy a scooped-out wedding ring that fits “flush fit” or snugly to your engagement ring. You’ll never be able to wear it alone, which is a big con. I’ve even seen gals weld the scoopy wedding ring to their engagement ring. Nay.

2. “Kissing cousins” is more chic than Matchy McMatcherson. If your engagement ring has baguettes as side friends, try round brilliants instead. If your engagement ring is round, try channel set radiants for your wedding ring in lieu. Shake it up- you can thank me later.

3. All white all the way. Meaning- if you fall within the lion’s share of girls who choose white gold or platinum, choose the same for the base of your wedding ring(s) and play with rose gold + yellow gold later on with yummy glitzies for having babies and celebrating milestone anniversaries. Ok, or for any reason (wink).

4. Color is kosher. Pop in precious stones like sapphires or emeralds for a little personality. Don’t dabble in semi-precious stones (amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, etc.) for your wedding rings- this is one place where mixing high + low falls flat.

Cartier diamond wedding rings


A sprinkling of our favorite wedding rings from Cartier. I’ll take one of each, s’il vous-plait. Buccellati diamond wedding rings

Don’t think for a New Yawk minute that I’m not planning on finding the Amalfi flagship of Buccellati on our 10th anniversary trip there this year. DUH. Remind me to tell you about the time I found a breathtaking Buccellati wedding ring on the floor of a wedding of ours. Be still, my beating heart.

Single Stone stackable diamond wedding rings


Single Stone nails it every time on wedding rings. It’s uncanny. The selection is fabby and I love the Edwardian nod with the etching and milgrain on lots o’ their lovelies. Kwiat diamond wedding rings

Well obvi you can’t go wrong with Kwiat wedding rings. I think they’re timeless and as glittery as it gets.stackable diamond wedding rings


Last but not least, a smattering of faves from four different jewelers we heart (from top to bottom): Martin Katz, Beverley K, Laura Pearce, and Megan Thorne.