Retro Gold Glam

We’re awash in gold details for the holidays and for one of our über stylish Spring brides, whose excellent taste has us all channeling Gatsby and Sabrina with a dash of Chinoiserie. Whilst trolling Etsy and eBay for some surprises for her, I may have picked up these lovelies for myself:

Ah, the perils of design. I loooove that they’re still in their vintage box- hilarious. These certainly trump any kitschy Santa-topped plastique spreaders hiding in flatware drawers across America (sorry, MIL).

And paws off, y’all- cuz these bad boys may be coming to a decadent seated dinner wedding of ours soon if I win my bid?!?

Towle Supreme Gold Bamboo/Cane Flatware . . . circa 1970. This would look smashing with my Herend, but I digress.

Have a ridiculously girly day, replete with daytime sequins and big honking sunglasses!