Salty, Not Stirred

Haskell turned me on to flaky artisanal salts, and now I can’t get enough. I used to have a sweet tooth (or a mouth full of sweet teeth, truth!) but now I’m a salt girl. I mean I wouldn’t say I’m gung-ho nachos or anything- chips + fries have never really been my bag (cue the violin solo of a faux health nut?) buuut . . . a good splash of salt is so up my alley these days.

I really want to do a groovy little salt tasting/salt flight situation at one of our parties but am stumped as to how to present. Either way, these beauties would be front + center! The purple one is pinot noir + the bottom left is chardonnay oak sea salt- now you’re speaking my language, the language of le vin.

{Clockwise from top center: one/two/three/four}