Shaking it up: Place Card Ideas

As you well know by now, we like to shake.eet.up whenever possible. I mean, maybe we don’t go hog wild, but we do try to infuse our parties with a little something . . . especially when it comes to tabletop.

Below are some fun ways we’ve created place card seating at our weddings- hope you dig!

{Gayle Brooker}

We tapped our calligrapher to create menu card art that was thermographed. Then we had the same calligrapher come back and do individual guest names on each menu, thus creating a “place card menu card parting favor”, if you will. I know, that’s wordy- but hey, it’s pretty, non? The napkin’s TDF, too. Love.

{A Bryan Photo}

Here, I dreamt up handmade copper placard place cards that we tied with box-pleated ribbon to the back of each chair. Then we had our calligrapher pen guest names on each. Again, something every guest absolutely took home, and also visible, different from the norm, and eye-popping on site.

{Shannon Michele}

For this affair, I went with simple and delicate. I cut tiny forked strips of cottony paper and had our calligrapher pen each guest name on them. Then we threaded them through the fork tines at each place setting.

{A Bryan Photo}

This was one of my favorites. We had our stationer order up letterpress belly bands with the client’s invitation design pressed into them, then we specified leaving a blank space onto which the calligrapher penned each guest name. Really lovely on the long tables . . .


  1. Leigh

    I love the copper placard place cards. I mean… I keep envelopes that have run through the mail that have my name calligraphed on them. So I would DEFINITELY keep a cool copper plate! Super cool.