Shaking it up: Table Numbers

I’ve been dreaming up ideas for some of our Fall brides’ seated dinners- especially how to make their seated dinner paper suites extremely special. The old adage “it’s all been done before” keeps springing to mind . . . but then I remember some of our past ideas and realize that something great will dawn on me here shortly!

Table numbers can be spelled out, ennumerated, or of course you can use names/objets in lieu of numbers altogether. I feel like the “Charleston street names” thang is rilllly tired, although if it’s new to the couple and their guests, I suppose it’s usable . . .  to each his own.

I think presentation, visibility, and legibility are more important than anything else-  and here are a few pretty examples where gorgeous calligraphy and thoughtful presentation had big impact for our girls. Hope these inspire you to clever heights for your own designs!

{Laura Negri}

Here I found zinc-edged chalkboard garden stakes and penned table numbers onto each. I stuck them down into moss patches and popped them onto tables. Never saw these cute little herb markers again- they literally sprouted legs after this wedding. Sad!

{Gayle Brooker}

I sourced these incredible metal clamps and had calligraphy numbers spelled out and used in each. We think they’d be great for holding family photos, too!

{Banner Photography}

I tapped our florist to create little moss boules with slits in them so I could drop in simple calligraphy table numbers. Easy peasy, but still very visible + fresh.

{A Bryan Photo}

This is a sneak peek from a wedding of ours that’s about to be out in a very special mag. I dreamt up fresh bamboo slotted table number holders (made by our florist) and tapped Cheree Berry Paper to design bamboo table numbers on which Elizabeth Jones penned spelled-out numbers in coral ink. Yum, huh?