Southern Living December 2013 — featured!

In the ongoing journey of making a house a home (though it feels more sprint than marathon, half the time), you meet a lot of interesting folks. With some, the telepathy is instant . . . with others, you’re speaking English and they hear German. Sleepless nights, endless education, spreadsheets to beat the band, living in your in-laws’ basement, having a baby the day you move back in, a little dreaming, a whole lot of prayer- all these memories had started to fade until Southern Living came calling for a little before-and-after-slash-holiday showdown.

Let’s all be transparent for a hot second. My house does not look like this every holiday (gasp!) but hey- now the bar has been raised and it has to . . . (sorry, honey!) It took a village to renovate it in two phases, and it took yet another village to style and shoot it.  All that talent just hops onto the next project because life moves fast and humility is just part of good Southern graces. Well too bad, because SL is the best at giving credit where it’s due- so enjoy the article, but don’t forget to read the fine print on all the talent who helped us along the way. Special thanks to my very best friend, the hubs, for letting me lily-gild with abandon!

Southern Living December 2013 Southern Living December 2013 Southern Living December 2013 Southern Living December 2013 Southern Living December 2013




  1. Elizabeth Connor

    Beautiful homestead! Thank you for sharing your lovely indoor and outdoor rooms.

  2. Emily Fehsenfeld

    So gorgeous! Will you come to Kansas City and do our next house!?

  3. Mimi

    The prettiest that I have seen…..and I am 75 yrs old. Love it!! Thanks…Mimi