Southern Living October 2012 – a moment!

I think a lot about the new American South, what it meant for my mom and grandmoms to be South’un women . . . and my sisters, me, and now my daughter Walton. Part of me wishes we still wore dainty gloves + beautiful hats, sewed gorgeous togs for the whole family, gave each other tea parties, and went for Sunday drives with just a Jackie-esque scarf in our hair.  The other part of me celebrates my modern Southern friends, girls who live in head-to-toe Lulu and rarely get a speck of makeup on before heading out for a wild day of entrepreneurial goings-on + the harried routine of family life. They’re still women who can whip up a mean Frogmore stew for 20 on a moment’s notice, and they always write thank-you notes. I find myself clinging to the minutiae that define us as Southerners- good manners, a love of soul food, dressing up for church, perfecting pimiento cheese.

It was fun to be included in a round-up of some serious Southern dames, all of whom I need to Google and read up on, obvi. And yes, I know- I need a new head shot, but seriously- who has time for that when there’s pole beans to pick and wee ones to treasure. (Ha!)