The Cat’s Pajamas

Now as ya’ll all know, I’m new to this gig, so I came late to the party that is Plum Pretty Sugar. I had no idea (until our most recent bride bought them for her bridesmaids) what they were, or what they looked like. Or that they’d been all over Pinterest.

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Well, they’re robes people. And not just any robes. Cotton (read: washable), kimono-style, chinoserie-embellished robes that work wonders on every body type and make just about the most perfect bridesmaid gift on earth.

Did I mention they’re super feminine without being sweet?

If you’re still in the dark like I was, you NEED to know about this source. Even if you just buy one for yourself, it’s worth a trip on over to their Web site.

Check out the designs I have my eye on below…

{Plum Pretty Sugar}