The New Traditional

Folks are throwing this term around, and I keep thinking how much it describes what we’re doing at CCD. It really applies to the MOB/Bride rapport- and the great divide between what was and what is in wedding design.

Down South, our moms and our moms’ moms were married in the Church with a reception to follow in the Church basement or at the family homestead. There was punch, Divinity, a few corsages, and a petit four or forty. There may or may not have been raucous dancing, though you’ll never know. Not knocking- it’s super sweet and I adore leafing through my own mama’s pics (above + below). Buuut- as someone being paid to pull off grand affairs but not to play psychotherapist, I’m constantly wishing there were a modern-day Cliff’s Notes to navigating the treacherous seas/style wars.

So without further ado, here’s our version of the New Traditional Notes for wedding design. Girls- tell your moms, and be gentle. Moms, open your ears/minds. Everyone- take a deep breath and have fun with it!

1. The Bride may stray from a Crane’s engraved folder with Rook font and tissue-laden double envelope. Look, I had it! I love it. But- a color or two may be involved in the invitation design. It’s not out of disrespect for what’s classic and lovely- it’s just about having a little fun within the confines of good taste and civility.

2. The heirloom veil may be removed at some point during the evening, in favor of a simple flower being tucked into a chignon. Don’t worry- it’s not that Daughter Dearest has gone all Hippie Child on you. These days, girls just want to boogie without burden, and the lace veil will survive that much longer if you allow its early removal.

3. The ensemble change at evening’s end will most likely not be a smart little suit for the airplane ride to New Orleans. Blame Audrey, not modernity. The LBD and its close cousin, the LWD (Little White Dress) will always be in style for a departing change-of-attire, just for the fun of it.

4. The cake may have a bold pattern, a bit of color, and even a sassy interior flavor or five. The New Traditional Bride embraces a little zing! in her cake- whether it’s via a mocha hazelnut buttercream filling or a champagne chevron exterior pattern. Let white-on-white-on-white sit on the sidelines for a bit; your guests will thank you.

5. The tables may be square (gasp!), but the bride will be a delight. There is decorum that has lasted an eternity, and our girls know its tenets are still intact: choose all things timeless + unpretentious for design, greet your guests with a joyful spirit, dance with all who ask, go easy on the champs, be grateful + gracious . . . above all, be a lady.

See mom? I was listening. (Smile).







  1. Calder Clark

    You know her toes were hurting from hoofin’! Love it too.

  2. Shannon

    LOVING the pictures of the Britts!! What an amazing couple. Love to you and yours!