Tray Chic

So Caitlin Sullivan here at CCD happened to let it slip the other day that she’d been working on a little collection. And not just a collection of oh, say, bottle caps or something snooze-worthy. She’s collecting Florentine wood trays! Oodles of them. To hang over her sofa salon-wall style. Kinda like the image of metal tole trays below.

{Content in a Cottage}

I happen to luuuuuuve Florentine wood trays as well, so naturally this little collecting adventure attracted much attention and enthusiasm from my corner of la oficina.

So much so that I begged her to bring them in so we could play a little with how she might hang them when she had the exact right  amount (more is more in the case of said trays).

Here’s what happened next:

1) I set them up the way I’d slap them on my wall at home:

2) Then Calder did the same:

3) Then Caitlin weighed in:


It was a little like filling out a personality test: my setup was a bit random but it worked, Calder’s was neat and elegant, and Caitlin’s was a  mix of both. And they all looked great.  I can’t wait to see how Caitlin hangs them at chez Sullivan soon.

Clearly, Caitlin collects trays. Bet you didn’t know Calder collects silhouettes, though? Or that I collect hourglasses? We all have something we gravitate toward for various reasons. What do you collect, dear reader? Pray tell!

P.S. This little pic below is 2-year-old Caitlin in her early event-planning days. Notice the tray.