My sisters and I have covetous natures. Whatever the item of the moment is, it gets a suffix of -sexual. Winter rolls around, we’re coatsexual. Big sunnies are in, we’re sunniesexual. It’s another Britt clan lexicon moment that marks us as totally weird but totally sisters.

Annnd- trays fall into that category. Can’t have enough. Weensy ones for q-tips + cottonballs. Smallish square ones for watches + bangles. Medium ones for delicate hors d’oeuvres, larger ones for cocktails + mags. Lacquer, croc, gilded, lucite- it’s all good in the ‘hood. They’re a perfect way to have that trendy punch- like a pillow- without going all chevron (yawwwwn) and living to regret it.

I don’t remember where I tracked these down, but loving this Tilly Maison on Etsy. Her mint-and-gold-dotted number is “my jam”, as Lauren in our office likes to say.