Vintage Cocktail Mania + Retro Ice Bucket Roundup

Charleston is seeing this huge resurgence of vintage cocktail clubs, namely The Belmont, The Gin Joint, The Cocktail Club, and more. Loving it . . . very Mad Men.

I’m also an ice NUT- my favorite item from our recent renovation was perhaps the least expensive- our loud-as-Hell KitchenAid icemaker. Forget the Scotch cubes and even the Rabbit Pellet Ice from the Hoshizaki, love me some Scrabble Tile. Great for Diet Cokes, sweet tea, and mixed drinks.

Don’t you think you need a retro ice bucket to go along with your Sidecars and Singapore Slings? I do.

Here’s my little Ebay roundup below- but paws off the Tortoise fella, he’s M-I-N-E!

like I said- MINE.

I know- cigarettes near ice, gross- but also hysterical and kinda fabulous at the same time.

Love this wood animal.

Punchy plaid, anyone? Like a Sixties Madras.

Yes to anything signed Culver- and this Ferris-Wheel-style rack is the BEAST.

Well orange is the new black, you know.