Weddings UnVeiled Magazine Summer 2012- featured!

A punchy foray into tie-dye and white lacquered Antler-dom made for a super special fête for Shannon and Michael, whose big day is out on newsstands now in the latest + greatest Weddings UnVeiled Summer 2012, one of our fave glossies (thanks so much, Brooke + Terri + gang!)

Sorta like a before-and-after, I thought you might enjoy seeing one of Shannon’s inspiration images she shared with me early on in the design phase:

This was a stunning one-day makeover by HB Home, featured in House Beautiful February 2011– they can do no wrong and have serious cahones.

Here’s what we came up with . . . .

Did we nail it? Man, we tried! We chose yellow over purple because I have a serious issue with purple. And burgundy. But I won’t go there. The tie-dyed pillows were TAHDIEFER and the mood was jammin’. I know I always say this, but seriously- sweetest/most generous/most genuine couple. We are truly blessed to draw in some amazing people in this line of biz. Sigh.



  1. Kelley

    Gorgeous wedding! Love the colors and patterns and wonderful outcome from the inspiration pic.